About DMGO

DMGO is an international business group with multiple activities and holdings specializing in distribution of the world’s Top traded brands. managing Local Consumer clubs, welfare management services for leading companies, gift projects and more, we are able to offer maximum flexibility of distribution for our suppliers. With years of dedication and consistency, the group has built a strong financial infrastructure, made solid tides locally and internationally, creating a vast network of local and international sales channels.



Our Product categories include Digital cameras and lenses, audio visual, printers and consumables, Wearables, gadgets, office supplies etc.
Ever since its establishment in 1985, DMGO LTD, which in time grew to become the DMGO group of companies, was built on the dedication of professionals in the fields of Sales, procurement, Logistics and service all laser focused on our customers. DMGO has become a true powerhouse in its field and a trustworthy partner of over 900 active customers worldwide.

Welfare Management

DMGO is engaged in providing welfare management services to employees of high-tech and financial companies, managing customer clubs and gift projects to various organizations. In addition, the company operates a consumer club called “Employee tech Zone” designed for high-tech employees, financial companies and union banks. The company has about 250,000 registered users in consumer clubs, about 600 high-tech and financial companies. Among its services: Manages holiday and employee gift programs, outsourcing corporate welfare management and enterprise needs, credit cards for club members holding over 60,000 users (providing discounts and benefits for a variety of services and products), promoting and advertising businesses on line..