Mission statement

At DMGO we

strive to become the best partner and a top value creator for our suppliers and customers while positioning ourselves as a leading international distributor specializing in global distribution solutions for tier-1 branded consumer goods. We provide the best solutions, the fastest and most comprehensive ways to match our suppliers dynamic requirements with customers ever-changing needs. We strategically explore new demands and develop new markets.


We are fully committed towards building long-term relationships
based on Mutual trust and reliability while focusing on a Win-Win approach and
the creation of value for both trading partners.

Investing in people

Companies are built of individuals, so our biggest investment is in people. We nurture our business relationships and clearly acknowledge our partners interests and goals. Our value lays in a specific strength of exploring new categories and developing potential customers such as undeveloped, developing or remote areas. Our Sales channels include Local and international retail chains, gift companies, private clubs, government organization and duty free.

Our Partners